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JiNan Glasgow George

JiNan is an award winning IP attorney and Forbes contributor known for growing valuations for her clientele of innovative early stage companies with IP strategy and asset creation, and advising some of the leading companies in the world including NASA, Apple, Microsoft, and VISA. She has built her career from engineering to patent law and investment by transforming ideas into assets and connecting innovators to the resources they need to make a positive impact. She believes that ideas are an unlimited resource and that everyone has the power to create.


Recognized globally for her expertise in intellectual property, she has spoken about IP in front of the UN Economic Commission for Europe and been a featured speaker at IP conferences in India, Italy, France, South Africa, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Ghana, as well as New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Research Triangle Park in the USA. She is a regional host & speaker for 361 Firm, a global platform for investor collaboration and host of over 300 events in 20 countries. For the 6th consecutive year, she has been selected to IAM Strategy 300’s global leaders in IP Strategy, the go-to resource for those seeking world-class legal patent expertise. 

As an inventor, entrepreneur, patent attorney, and former USPTO patent examiner, JiNan’s background gives her the ability to see intellectual property from the corporate, legal services and government perspectives – a unique personal view not common in this industry. Her first book, "The IP Miracle", was released earlier this year, ranking #1 in Trademark Law and in the top 5 for Communications and Patent Law, JiNan illustrates how the power of IP assets can lead to accelerated growth and commercial impact. Her IP Law Firm, NEO IP, creates valuable IP assets for its clients in industries ranging from high tech to biotech; a full spectrum of industries. Her team offers substantial patent expertise and proprietary technology to identify vulnerabilities and take action. Her newest innovation, Patent Forecast® Software, is the leading solution in providing patent forecasting data to help investors and entrepreneurs understand their IP context. Patent Forecast’s data has helped businesses gain competitive advantages, predict and react to market trends before their products disrupt the market, and gain insights that have helped them innovate. She is registered to practice law in NC and with the US Patent and Trademark Office, and her technical background includes textiles, mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineering. She is the IP Expert in Residence at High Point University, recognized as the #1 most innovative college in the South by US News & World Report for 6 consecutive years. In addition, she has experience with blockchain, metaverse, NFTs, edge computing, wireless communication, biometric measurables, sports analytics, fintech, polymer fiber science, composites, fiber optics, software, energy, and pulp/paper science. She has degrees in engineering, law, and theology from NC State, UNC Chapel Hill, and Duke University, respectively.

Eclipse IP Conference

JiNan Glasgow George

Managing Director and Found of NEO IP, Visionary of Eclipse Conference


Maria Dayton

Director of Capital Partnerships/ Partner NOVA Prime Fund LG Nova


Andre Swanston

Former Senior VP Media & Entertainment Transunion, Co-Founder Tru-Optik


Lou Basanese

MDB Capital & Public Ventures


Paul Gyra

Managing Partner - Thompson Family Office


Joe Hart

CEO & President Dale Carnegie & Associates


Allen Page

Waco Ventures & 6P Color, INC 

The Eclipse IP Conference – uniting thought leaders in IP since 2013.

The 2022 Eclipse IP Conference was themed “Creative Courage & Transformation.”


For 2022, our Keynote was Silvina Moschini, star of Unicorn Hunters. Our other speakers included Joe Hart, CEO of Dale Carnegie Training, Paul Gyra, CEO of Meta Impact Capital, and Maria Lynne Dayton of the LG NOVA Fund.  

Below are some of our previous speakers.

#1 Best Seller on Amazon

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The IP Miracle by JiNan Glasgow George is the first book to reveal the path to capturing your business ideas and creating assets that multiply the value of your business. A company with patents, trademarks, and copyrights can be worth five times as much as a similar business that is ignoring Intellectual Property. Because IP provides a limited monopoly—the right to exclude competition from your market. The IP Miracle demystifies the legal fog that shrouds your hidden assets so you can:

  • Create a barrier to your competition

  • Attract investors and potential buyers

  • Demonstrate market leadership

  • Differentiate you as the best

  • Draw innovative employees and customers

  • Multiply the valuation of your business

  • Stand out and create lasting customer recognition

Whether you’re a startup or a serial entrepreneur, an individual investor or a fund with portfolio companies, this book will lead you to accelerated growth and commercial impact using IP assets.
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